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The Trattoria re-opens her doors in May, 2010; it continues this way an adventure that began in the summer of 1995.

Paca, Anouska and Álvaro from La Rioja, with Ferdinando Battista, who came from Naples, joined with the illusion of bringing italian flavours over up to our land.

In a privileged location, in the Breton's central street , in the historical heart of the city, they opened their doors on July 17, 1995.

Inside the kitchen, fresh products that every week they come from Italy to elaborate the best recipes, according to the most strict tradition of the Italian cuisine.

In her wide wine list, the best wines of La Rioja are present with the most representative of the different wine regions of the whole Italy.

The May, 2010, The Trattoria re-opens her doors for the innovation with a new image, new recipes and the illusion of continuing bringing the best flavours from Italy.

Come in and discover us

* Open daily.
* Daily menu from Monday to Friday.
* Prepare menus for groups.

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